Consequences can be seen as rewarding for something that you have done well or challenging you to change your behaviour to a more socially acceptable form. In this case, consequences here are to guide you to changing a behaviour to a more socially acceptable form.

If an unacceptable behaviour is being displayed by you during a day in the Learning Room this is what will happen:-

1. If a you display a behaviour that interrupts teaching or learning:-

  • A statement of reality will be made e.g. "Jesse, tapping that biro on the desk and making that loud sound is distracting my teaching and the learning of your friends. Place it quietly on the desk."

2. If you continue to display non acceptable behaviours that interrupt teaching or learning, you will be asked to collect a card. This card will stay with you all day. Each card will have a word written on it to remind you of the appropriate behaviour such as:-

Stay on task

3. If you display another non acceptable behaviour, you will collect another card that will stay with you for the day too. Over term 1 two cards are issued before the Mirror. During Term 2 only one cards is issued before the Mirror. During terms 3 and 4 no card is issued after the verbal statement of reality, just the Mirror.

4. By NOW, if you haven't got the message, that learning and teaching are not to be interrupted and you have reached the Mirror level this will happen:-

  • A Mirror is a sheet that you fill out and it contains questions like What do you want? What are you doing to get what you want? Is it working? There is also a space for you to write a plan to help you to change your disruptive behaviours. The Mirror makes you reflect, hence its name, on your behaviour. Learning time lost for the completion of this Mirror, MUST be made up by you. This Mirror is to be shared with me and we will discuss your plan to solve your challenging behaviour. After you and I have signed it, I will place it into your file for safe keeping.

5. After this and during the same day, you AGAIN display non acceptable behaviour you are given another Mirror to complete, but this time you move to the next level and you must book a Planning Room. ( A Planning Room is a place where you will spend your lunch or recess break discussing at length the behaviours and your plan which is to help you display acceptable Learning Room Behaviours) If you attend a Planning Room a note is sent home stating the reasons why you had to attend the Planning Room.

Some important points:-

  • Each day is a new day, but the above procedure is the same for each day
  • When you visit the Planning Room, a letter is sent home to your parents letting them know why you have been given a Planning Room.
  • Three Planning Rooms during a term may lead to in school detention for a day.
  • If your behaviour is violent and or verbally abusive it will or may lead to immediate suspension from school.
  • Remember everyone including you has the right to learn and I have the right to teach. The teaching learning process will not be interrupted by non acceptable behaviours.
  • Consequences are given to make you reflect on your behaviour and to accept or change your actions of responsibility towards our rights.
  • Learning should be enjoyable.
  • You are responsible for your actions. NO one makes you swear or hit out or to rudely interrupt teaching and learning.
  • Each day is a new day for you to display positive behaviours, never be afraid to try. YOU have the choice!