You have made friends, but sometimes one or some of them might not want to know you any more.

Always make sure that you are:-

  • being pleasant, don't be a bossy boots or a gossip
  • being honest and truthful
  • while playing or talking, waiting your turn
  • sharing things like toys, games and lollies
  • being supportive, of ideas, smiling and celebrating your friends' achievements
  • problem solving situations by voting, deciding or asking advice









































You are new to our school and at this point you don't know anyone.

It is difficult at first, but things will get better if you:-

  • smile and try to remember the names of people you are introduced to
  • speak nicely and don't try to impress people with big stories about yourself
  • involve yourself in games and make eye contact with people you speak to
  • be happy and enjoy your day
  • ask your new teacher about any thing that may be concerning you
  • invite people you like to your home for a play





































































Sometimes mum and dad may argue. The causes for the argument may be money matters, job pressures may cause them to react differently, relationship problems, alcohol and other drug use.

You need to know that you are not the cause of their challenge. It is between your parents.

You need to:-

  • stay calm and not listen in
  • go out into your yard and do something you like
  • do not listen in as it is nothing to do with you
  • seek help if things become dangerous
  • speak to someone that you can trust




















At times, classroom challenges may be caused by you not being organised with your work, not understanding what you had to do, too much noise or you being distracted from your task.

You need to:-

  • stay calm and relaxed... deep breathing will help
  • start using a diary and write down your Learning Tasks that must be completed
  • set up a schedule at home and follow it
  • do your work in a place that is comfortable for you
  • ask the teacher if you do not understand your work... do not sit there and let your challenge become bigger
  • ask the students that are distracting you to stop it
  • concentrate on your work
  • find another seat away from the distraction if they do not stop











































Sometimes an event will happen outside of your control.An event like, an accident, disaster, breakup, death or illness may cause you to be sad.

If an event happens that causes you to be sad, you should:-

  • try to think of positives thoughts
  • it is OK to be sad over a serious happening
  • speak to someone that you can trust and who will be able to listen to how you are feeling (this person could be called a mentor)
  • be with your family and friends
  • know that it was not your fault
  • going to a memorial can often help with closure ( feeling better )























Sometimes, in the Playground you may have difficulty playing with others, joining in, be involved in arguments, be bullied or sometimes just want to be by yourself for a while.

  • if you want to be by yourself for a small amount of time, that is OK. You should, if approached by a friend to come and play, explain to them in a nice and polite way that you will play with them later because you like them, but right now you want to be by yourself
  • if you are bullied, say very firmly to the bully while looking them in the eye, " NO, STOP! I don't like what you are doing." Walk away and report to a teacher
  • being involved in an argument is silly, because you have forgotten to speak nicely, look for alternative choices, negotiate or come up with an alternative thing. YOU see, you can not expect to have all things go your way!
  • while playing, encourage fair play, speak nicely, smile, say nice things about people, don't say horrible things about someone
  • ask if you can join in a game
  • don't be rude if the answer is "no"... there are lots of other games going on that you could join in
  • share the equipment, care for those around you and negotiate on how the game is to be played










































Bullying is something that is done to you more than once by the same person. They try to make you do something that YOU do NOT want to do. They can hurt you physically or in your feelings. Bullying may happen at home, on the way home or perhaps at school.

If someone bullies you, YOU MUST:-

  • say "NO... Stop... I don't like what you are doing" in a very firm but calm voice
  • walk away and report them to someone you can trust, like a teacher if it happens at school
  • try to stay with friends or in a group
  • this is hard, but IGNORE threats and walk away and you got it... REPORT them
  • if at home, find someone that you can trust to tell
  • remember, be assertive and calm and report them. YES... report them, because they are doing something very wrong and they need to be helped by the people you report them to































You need the bus to get home, therefore you do not want to do something that is going to have you removed from the bus, or sat away from your friends or take the blame for something that you didn't do because you are out of your seat.

While on the bus you should:-

  • stay seated with friends and speak quietly
  • do not eat, you can do that at home
  • if you have a problem tell the bus diver
  • get out of your seat when the bus has stopped moving
  • step away from the bus when you get off and wait for it to leave before you have to cross the road






































Teasing is a form of Bullying, if it happens to you by the same person more than once. It is a verbal comment said about you to make fun of you. It is irritating, annoying and can hurt your feelings.

If you are teased you should:-

  • ignore the comment and calming walk away
  • say " Stop, I don't like what you are saying" and walk away and report to a teacher
  • don't say something back that is hurtful to them, because they will then say something back that is more hurtful to you
  • you could agree with the comments, or try to say something back about yourself that is sillier and then walk away, but if it continues ..... report their action to a teacher



























You have the right to be safe and happy. Child Abuse is when someone does something bad to you often once or more than once . It could be physical,emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse.

You should:-

  • say " NO!" in a very firm and assertive voice and get away as quickly as you can and repot them to someone you trust
  • keep telling so it will not happen again
  • get help because child abuse is an offence
  • speak to someone that you can trust
































At times you will have to join a group, either at school our outside of school like a drama or footy group. This can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenging time too.

You should:-

  • be yourself, be polite, honest and genuine and introduce yourself to others and try to remember names and use them when talking to those people
  • show manners and listen to others and accept any advice
  • show respect for the people in the group and say nice things
  • do not be a know it all




























Playing fairly without arguments is the only way. A challenging situation will occur if you are unfair. You will loose your friends and be hurt.

You should always play:-

  • by taking turns with others
  • sharing the equipment
  • saying nice things and praising others when they do something well
  • making a suggestion or an alternative thing to solve a problem
  • by saying " Sorry" straight away and helping them up when you bump into or knock someone down
  • by not starting a fight
  • by enjoying your time with friends

This way our world will be happier place, you will keep your friends longer and you will be happier.