You are being sent on a mission of a great importance.To find out what it is click on the rainforest picture below.

Do you know what a rainforest is? Check your thinking here. Now you have an understanding of what a rainforest is, where would you expect to find a rainforest? Check your thinking here.

Rainforests contain layers. It is in these layers or strata that different plant and animal species can be found.

Obviously, rainforests are very wet places. Read how wet a rainforest is and what temperature ranges it has.

Rainforests grow on very thin poor soil and when the area is logged the soil quickly washes away during heavy rain. View these photographs to see the devastation caused by logging or destroying a rainforest by fire. View this site to find out about the soil of a rainforest.

Rainforests are proving to be a store house of food and medicines. Do you know what foods come from a rainforest? Check your thoughts here.

Do you think you could by now, say why rainforests are very special places? Check your thinking here.




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